AKZO Coatings, Inc. Scholarship | Employees of Akzo Coatings established this scholarship for residents of Baxley who are enrolled in the Machine Tool Technology program.  Applicants should be from Baxley and must demonstrate a financial need.

Alco Controls (Division of Emerson Electric) Scholarship | A former ATC board member and Alco Controls employee worked to establish this scholarship for the benefit of Jeff Davis County students.  All program are eligible.

Ashley Taylor Scholarship | This scholarship was established in memory of Ashley Taylor, son of former ATC instructor Kenny Taylor.  Ashley was tragically killed in a car accident.  Ashley was a student of ATC at the time of his death.  This scholarship is for Machine Tool Technology students at the Jesup campus. 

Bagwell Family Scholarship | The Bagwell Family Scholarship Fund was established in 2006 by Tommy and Chantel Bagwell to provide scholarships for students attending technical colleges located near their family business locations. The family business, American Proteins, Inc., has four divisions and three rendering plant locations. One unique aspect of this scholarship is that over the course of their lifetime, Bagwell Scholarship recipients pledge to give back to CPTC an amount equal to what they receive. 

Brooksie A. Pike Scholarship | The Brooksie A. Pike Scholarship is awarded to a cosmetology student entering his/her final term who has excelled in the program. The scholarship was established in memory of Brooksie A. Pike by her family to honor her 40-year career in cosmetology. 

Bryant L. Westberry Scholarship | This scholarship was established by Annette Westberry and family in memory of her husband, Bryant Westberry, who owned Superior Body Shop.  Applicants must reside in Wayne County, attend the Jesup campus and be enrolled in the Automotive program.

C Paul Scott Presidential Scholarship | The ATC Foundation, faculty, staff and friends started this fund in honor of Dr. Paul Scott when he retired in 2006 as the President of the College.  This scholarship is based on academic achievement.  Residents of Jeff Davis, Appling, Wayne and Long County are eligible for this scholarship. 

Carter Dredging Scholarship | Family, friends and employees gave this scholarship in honor of Festus Carter.  Applicants must reside in Wayne County and be enrolled in the Machine Tool Technology program.

Charles Eames Endowed Scholarship | Charles B. Eames, Jr., former director of the Okefenokee Regional Library System (ORLS), contributed $20,000 to the Okefenokee Technical College Foundation in November 2008 to establish the Charles Eames Endowed Scholarship Fund, which benefits CPTC students through needs-based scholarships, academic awards, and literacy projects. 

Faculty and Staff Scholarship | This scholarship is contributed to through the annual campus campaign held each fall on campus.  The campaign gives faculty and staff the opportunity to give to support the students we serve.  Recipients are selected based on a financial need.

Foundation Academic Scholarship | Credit students who have a GPA of 3.0 or higher may apply for academic scholarships.

Foundation GED Scholarship | The Coastal Pines Technical College Foundation provides funding for scholarships to assist students with GED testing fees. Scholarships are awarded to students enrolled in an adult education program who meet specific criteria. Instructor recommendations are required. 

Foundation Grants/Loans | Credit students can apply for emergency grants/loans. In granting this scholarship, the following factors are considered: the amount of HOPE, Pell, and other monies awarded, GPA, attendance and instructor recommendation.

Foundation Recruitment Scholarships for Seniors | The Coastal Pines Technical College Foundation provides funding for scholarships to assist students with program-related expenses. Scholarships are awarded annually to high school seniors. All seniors interested in attending Coastal Pines Technical College are encouraged to apply.

Golden Isles Chapter of Military Officers Association of America (MOAA) | Glynn County, Camden and McIntosh residents are encouraged to apply for this scholarship established by the Golden Isles MOAA.  Applications should have a military background or a family member who served in the military.  Academic excellence may be considered in lieu of a military background.   Applicants should have attended CPTC for at least a semester and maintained at least a 2.5 GPA and have a financial need.

Henry (Hank) J. Martin Scholarship | This scholarship fund was established in memory of former ATC employee Dr. Hank Martin. Scholarships are available for students living in Wayne County and are based on academic achievement and financial need.

Jake (John K) Hendrix, Jr. Scholarship | This scholarship was established in memory of Jake Hendrix who was the owner and operator of Hendrix Hauling Company in Jesup.  The scholarship is for an incoming high school graduate who has demonstrated academic excellence.  Students must be enrolled in the Commercial Truck Driving or Industrial Systems program.  This scholarship is for Wayne County residents.  

James Bland Scholarship | Upon his retirement, friends and family established this scholarship in honor of James Bland to recognize his service and commitment to the College and Wayne County.   Mr. Bland is a former Jesup mill manager of Rayonier Advanced Materials.   He is a charter member of the ATC Foundation, former mayor (1965 and 1967) and former president of the Wayne County Chamber of Commerce.  This scholarship is for any deserving student in Wayne County.  

James L. Harper Scholarship | Established in 2013 in memory of James L Harper by his family, this scholarship is for a business major.  James Harper was an entrepreneur and believed in giving back to his community. He was one of the pioneers responsible for Altamaha Technical College being established in Wayne County.  He was a founding member of the Wayne County Industrial Development Authority.  This scholarship goes to a deserving student in Accounting, Business Administration or Marketing Management who has completed at least 15 hours with satisfactory academic achievement and a financial need.  Funds may cover cost of books and/or tuition and fees. Must be a resident of Wayne County.  

James Ogden Scholarship | This scholarship was given in memory of James Ogden by his wife, Faye Ogden.  Mr. and Mrs. Ogden worked in education for many years.  Mr. Ogden was the welding instructor at Brunswick College.  Applicants must be a Glynn County resident in the Welding program with favorable grades and a financial need. 

Joe Murray Scholarship | This scholarship was established by Miriam Murray in memory of her husband, Joe Murray.  Joe Murray was a former retired educator and ATC board member.    Miriam Murray serves on the CPTC Foundation.  This scholarships assists students enrolled in nursing.  Applicants should be from Long or Wayne County and must demonstrate a strong academic performance and financial need. 

Jones Company Endowed Scholarship | The Jones Company Scholarship was established in April 2006 by Patrick Jones and Jimmy Jones to aid students with college-related expenses. Applications are taken annually.  Employees of the Jones Company are given priority when all other factors are equal among applicants. 

Kiley Marissa Music Scholarship |The Kiley Marissa Music Scholarship was established in loving memory of Kiley Marissa, a Bacon County student who would have graduated in 2004. The scholarship is sponsored by her family and awarded each year by her mother, Mrs. Debbie Denson. 

Lonnie Dale Cooper Sr. Memorial Scholarship | A scholarship started in memory of Lonnie Dale Cooper by family and friends.  Applicants must be a resident of Long County. 

Monroe Foundation Academic Scholarship | Credit students who have a GPA of 3.0 or higher may make application for a Monroe Foundation Academic Scholarship. The Monroe Family Foundation funds these scholarships and helps fund many others, such as Toolbox Scholarships, Emergency Funds Grants, and Foundation Recruitment Scholarships for Seniors. The Foundation Scholarship Selection Committee reviews applications for Monroe Foundation Scholarships each term. 

Mark and Barabara Thomas Endowed Fund | This scholarship was started by the Pine Forest Men’s Golf Association and the Thomas family in memory of Mark and Barbara Thomas.  Mark Thomas was a former mayor (1987 – 1990) of Jesup.  These funds are available for Wayne County students. 

Okefenokee Ministerial Fellowship Scholarship | The Okefenokee Ministerial Fellowship Scholarship is open to students who are enrolled or accepted in a diploma or degree program at Coastal Pines Technical College. Recipients are selected based on academic history, work ethics, and financial need. The intent of the scholarship, established by the 2005 Okefenokee Ministerial Fellowship, is to assist students who have encountered financial hardships which may result in an inability for students to complete their program of study.

Pat Knox Scholastic Achievement Award & Scholarship | The Pat Knox Scholastic Achievement Award is presented to a Surgical Technology student in his/her final term who has excelled in the program. The scholarship fund was established by friends and relatives to honor Pat Knox, a former Okefenokee Technical College Surgical Technology instructor. 

Satilla Regional Medical Center Auxiliary Presidents Scholarship | Qualifying applicants for the SRMC Auxiliary President’s Scholarship are those who are enrolled in a healthcare program at CPTC and are in good academic standing. The scholarship fund for these awards was established in 2008 to recognize Rex Abbott, the resigning auxiliary president and a former College employee, and all former presidents of the auxiliary. It is the mission of the auxiliary to ensure future healthcare workers for this area. 

Satilla REMC Scholarship | This fund was established for scholarships for deserving students in Industrial Systems or Electrical related programs.  Applicants should reside in Wayne, Appling, Long or Jeff Davis counties. 

Screven Community Scholarship | This scholarship was established by the residents of Screven, Georgia to benefit those attending college and needing financial assistance from their community. 

Shirley D. Miller Nursing Scholarship | The Dr. Shirley Dowling Miller Nursing Scholarship is awarded to a nursing student entering his/her final term who has excelled in the program and met all other criteria for the award. Students must be recommended by their program instructor(s). The scholarship was established in recognition of Dr. Miller, who is a retired nursing instructor, for her belief in the educational process and her contributions to and support of the College. 

Stan Martin | This scholarship was established in loving memory of Dr. Stan Martin who was retired from the military and was the personal physician for General Schwarzkopf during Desert Storm.  He taught EMT as an adjunct instructor for the college.  This scholarship is for students enrolled in the EMT program In Wayne County. 

Southside Automotive Scholarship |This scholarship was established by Joey Miller, the owner of Southside Automotive, for students on the Jesup campus that are enrolled in the Automotive Program.

South Georgia Street Rods, Inc. Scholarship | The organization raises funds and the College is a beneficiary of donations to benefit student scholarships for deserving Automotive Program students.  This scholarship is for Wayne County resident.

SunTrust Scholarship | The SunTrust Scholarship is awarded to a deserving Ware County High School senior who has plans to attend Coastal Pines Technical College. The $500 scholarship was established to provide financial assistance to CPTC students for college-related expenses.

Toolbox Scholarship | These scholarships funds are raised throughout the year at events that support student scholarships.  A toolbox scholarship can be awarded to assit with paying for tuition, books, fees, uniforms, program required supplies or tools for technical programs.  Students with at least a 2.5 GPA and a demonstrated financial need may apply.